Papas Pizzeria

Perform all actions with the mouse

Become the manager of the famous Papa's Pizzeria and run it.

Your mission is to create different pizzas from scratch to make your customers happy.

You can use various timings,toppings and slicing patterns to the make the pizza ordered by your customer.

Try not to make mistakes when more customers will visit your pizzeria.
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Papas Pizzeria : Game Description

Papas Pizzeria

The legendary cooking game is back and now available for our users for free. You don't need flash player to enjoy Papas Pizzeria at our website because we moved the game to a new platform which makes it available on all devices. The first edition of the game was released more than 10 years ago and became very popular. As a result, today we have a lot of different versions of this awesome cooking game. The idea of the game is simple - you are the one who must run the pizzeria while your boss is away. Your task is to take the order from the customer and prepare the pizza from scratch. The game consists of levels (days) which become more and more difficult as you progress. Your mission is to make all customers happy and earn money.

How To Play Papas Pizzeria?

When the customer arrives to your pizza restaurant, you have to take the order. Each order has detailed instructions of the needed ingredients, cooking time and so on. While making pizza, keep an eye on the order sheet - sometimes it is difficult to remember all the detailes. While baking the pizza, take a look at the timer - if you make it stay too long in the oven, it will wasted. The game becomes more and more difficult as you progress as more customers are coming to eat your famous pizza : when the number of orders is big, it is easy to make the mistakes so be very careful. Enjoy the complete edition of Papas Pizzeria for free.

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